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OldPain2Go Master Practioner and Trainer

Hi! I’m Emma Armes and I am the only Authorised International Trainer and Master Practitioner in Scotland, however I work and teach all over the world via Skype/Zoom.

Do you want to become a Certified Practitioner in OldPain2Go

Practitioner Training is available in many forms:

  • One to one or in groups
  • Local or international
  • In person or over Skype/Zoom
  • In small groups (5 or less) or larger group courses. 

Emma’s Story: 

I am a medically retired Paramedic after suffering a back injury in 2010.

After this I lost my career of 17 years, I couldn’t lift my one year old, I couldn’t even roll over in bed. I lived in a haze due to strong pain killers and had been in constant pain ever since.

Like anyone in chronic pain I tried everything – operations, steroid injections, nerve blocks, lots of medication, physio, chiropractor, osteopath, acupuncture, ultrasound, tens machine, support belts, electromagnetic pulse, reiki, heat, cold etc.

Until now. Over a year and a half later, I have no pain. I am pain free!

In 2015 I retrained as a hypnotherapist and in May 2017 I saw a video of a colleague using OldPain2Go. I was amazed and wanted to know more.

I received the treatment which blew my mind. I then completed my training. It was important for me to be able to have tried it myself so that I could share my experience with others.

Since then I have been pain free, I don’t take any medication and have been able to live my life much more fully – able to walk anywhere without worrying if I will manage it. Not needing to have emergency pain killers on hand at all times, playing football in the garden with my son.

I have now helped many people become pain free for good and as well as helping clients I now train other Practitioners locally and internationally from Aberdeen to Australia!


OldPain2Go is not only for pain reduction and removal but also it can be mapped across for use with all kinds of other issues such as anxiety, phobias, hayfever, weight loss etc with the right background training.

📘What’s included?📘

🌟Certified Practitioner status
🌟 Trademarked brand OldPain2Go to use immediately
🌟Map the methodology over to any issues you currently work with eg- smoking, weight, anxiety, phobias – This is not just a pain technique!
🌟Video in advance of a full fibromyalgia treatment by Steven.
🌟First class after care support on our private Facebook group from a community of over 750 peers worldwide
🌟Access to Steven Blake
🌟Marketing information, leaflets, pricing advice, insurance information.
🌟Permission to share over 100 video testimonials from other practitioners.
🌟Trainer opportunity.
🌟Access to hundreds of videos by Steven giving advice on all different subjects.
🌟Banner and advert ideas.
🌟Wording for press and promotion.
🌟 Part of a powerful brand.
🌟 Training pack of notes (sent out in advance)
🌟A one off registration fee (I pay this directly to Steven Blake after I receive your payment)
🌟Entry into the main OldPain2Go website directory so clients can find you in your area
🌟Ongoing support from me and any other trainers including Steven Blake
🌟Access to low cost mentoring in the future

✅ You Will Learn 
1. How to instantly overcome any client/therapist barrier.
2. The Fastest EVER way directly into any client’s unconscious (less than 2 seconds).
3. How to work with the unconscious – without requiring any trance.
4. The concept of BrainBargainingTM, how to win over the unconscious with logic.
5. How to reset the safety system.
6. How to get the client to do all the work!
7. How to act as a mind negotiator and translator.
8. Understand the 5 ways of programming, including creativity.
9. Detective work made simple, finding and dealing with the 2 stories (metaphors).
10. Getting direct to the answer.
11. Asking the unconscious what it thinks.
12. Ideomotor responses – getting that first yes, then subsequent ones.
13. Instant Pain Removal.
14. Removal of Tension and Inflammation.
15. How to free clients from Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.).
16. How to release trapped nerves.
17. Installing a pacing system.
18. Removing lifelong Back Pain using AutoSomaticsTM
19. Allergy removal.
20. Mapping the Methodology across to deal with illnesses.
21. Mapping the Methodology across to deal with emotional pain.

❤️It’s the most mind blowing wonderful method that you see happen in front of you and your clients eyes!

❤️Change the way you work for the better and increase your prices confidently!


Wednesday 7 November 2018 Skype/Zoom Course.  (UK time or International) 3 Spaces Available Email me

Wednesday 14 November 2018 Skype/Zoom Course.  (UK time or International) 3 Spaces Available Email me

Wednesday 21 November 2018 Skype/Zoom Course.  (10am UK time) 3 Spaces Available Email me

Wednesday 28 November 2018 Skype/Zoom Course.  (UK time or International) Only 1 Space left Email me

Wednesday 5 December 2018 Skype/Zoom Course.  (UK time or International) 3 Spaces Available Email me

Wednesday 12 December 2018 Skype/Zoom Course.  (UK time or International) 3 Spaces Available Email me


One to one – £599

Group – £399 (2 or more people)

Group Training Skype/Zoom: If you know someone who also wants to do the course or I may be able to team you up with someone. Thanks to modern technology, we can all be in different locations!)

Larger face to face group courses also available in Scotland/UK – get in touch to discuss.

Flexible dates can be arranged to fit in with you and your time zone.

Please get in touch if you would like a small course tailored just for you and your colleagues or one to one.

Get in touch here if you want to join us and free the world from pain!

OldPain2Go Certified Practitioner