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OldPain2Go Master Practioner and Trainer

Take control of your pain using OldPain2Go

Let me help YOU to help yourself.

This is not pain management, this is putting you back in control and getting rid of your OLD, unnecessary pain permanently.

NEW pain protects you. OLD pain is a message in your mind that is no longer needed once it has done its job of alerting you to the problem.

But sometimes that message can get stuck in the “on” position. We can turn that message down and even sometimes completely off. The area is not numbed and you will be able to receive new pain if it was needed.

This is a talking therapy, using the mind body connection. No physical touch is needed and it’s not hypnosis, no trance is required.

Emma’s Story:

I am a medically retired Paramedic after suffering a back injury in 2010.

After this I lost my career of 17 years, I couldn’t lift my one year old, I couldn’t even roll over in bed. I lived in a haze due to strong pain killers and had been in constant pain ever since.

Like anyone in chronic pain I tried everything – operations, steroid injections, nerve blocks, lots of medication, physio, chiropractor, osteopath, acupuncture, ultrasound, tens machine, support belts, electromagnetic pulse, reiki, heat, cold etc.

Until now. Over 1 year later, I have no pain. I am pain free!

In 2015 I retrained as a hypnotherapist and in May 2017 I saw a video of a colleague using OldPain2Go. I was amazed and wanted to know more.

I received the treatment which blew my mind. I then completed my training. It was important for me to be able to have tried it myself so that I could share my experience with others.

Since then I have been pain free, I don’t take any medication and have been able to live my life much more fully – able to walk anywhere without worrying if I will manage it. Not needing to have emergency pain killers on hand at all times, playing football in the garden with my son.

I have now helped many people become pain free for good and as well as helping clients I now train other Practitioners locally and internationally from Aberdeen to Australia!

Want to book an appointment or ask me more? Get in touch HERE or email emma@aberdeenshirehypnotherapy.com 

FACEBOOK PAGE: www.facebook.com/emmaarmestherapy 

Fees: £125 per session

You will notice a difference immediately at our first session, however in my experience, 2 sessions is best practice, allowing for any adjustments or changes to be made.

Don’t just take my word for it…

Client Testimonials

Lisa had suffered with 17 years of back pain until she tried the OldPain2Go method with me. Now it’s gone gone gone!



Dahrlene had an online session of OldPain2Go and had chronic neck pain for 8 years after a car accident. OldPain2Go reduced her pain level to zero!


Georgia came to Aberdeenshire Hypnotherapy to have a session of OldPain2Go to seek relief from chronic arthritis pain caused by a motorcycle accident several years before. Georgia left with a pain level of zero, down from 3 or 4 before the session began!


Lana had experienced 2 years worth of shoulder and hip pain and came to try OldPain2Go with me – All gone by the end of the session!



Want to see MORE client video testimonials? Look HERE at mine and many other happy pain free clients! www.oldpain2go.com/client-testimonials 

Interested in becoming an OldPain2Go Practitioner? Go to the Become a Practioner page.